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Sinergy International Limited was founded in 2017, is a global Private Equity, Venture Capital company, has its headquarters in London and operational offices in Italy, Switzerland and other countries at the offices of the Partners. Sinergy International “Project Finance division” provides a wide range of financial services and instruments, including access to sovereign wealth funds, to support investments. Sinergy International focuses on global strategies, the enhancement of human and technical financial resources through the development of Partnerships with private and public companies rooted in the territory in the various nations, is active in asset management, in the provision of financial, legal and tax services to provide complementary assistance for the development of innovative and technological Start Ups in the various sectors:
  • Import export and Bartering.
  • The development of business activities to promote growth and social well-being.
  • The construction of infrastructure
  • The exploitation of mineral resources to be exploited in the Bullion Bank Africa (BBA) project
  • the development of organic farming.
  • The internationalization of Italian companies to African countries, Eurasia, South America with the permanent installation of trade fairs and trading platforms (Show Room).
  • Financial and technical support for companies wishing to establish themselves in the various emerging countries.
  • the enhancement of water, forest and maritime resources, environmental protection, the recovery and reuse of raw materials deriving from human activities.
  • The development of activities in the renewable energy sector, wind, water, photovoltaic systems and biomass power plants and in particular the production and installation of "Free Energy" systems consisting of Magnetic Motors, "Entropic Machines" technology.

Sinergy International actively works to put experiences in :quot:Sinergy:quot:

entrepreneurial companies, the opportunities for market and business development in Africa, and in other continents, dialoguing with public and private entities involved in development economic and social of sub-Saharan Africa with a single reference represented by the Partnership Signed with THE ROSENTHALL GROUP LLC (TRG), INVEMA FOUNDATION, STORM'S PROJECT AND OTHER FINANCIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNERS, for the transfer of skills and excellence represented by companies that have been selected and which we will insert in order to have the necessary know-how in place to implement the actions aimed at enhancing the intervention nations.

Sinergy International is an entrepreneurial reality with professional skills that assist the processes for carrying out interventions
on the territory by drawing on the finances already available for their use on the African territory and in other emerging countries.

The areas of interest are focused in Sub Sahara Africa, Eurasia, South America, Sinergy International Limited supports the Agenda for Africa
(AA) and Bullion Bank Africa (BBA) project in African nations – South Africa, Angola, DRC Congo, Congo, Ghana , Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia,
Madagascar, Eritrea, Namibia, Kenya, Bothswana, and others.
Sinergy International technically and financially supports Storm's Project projects in Eurasia (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tartastan, Armenia, Russia)

Sinergy International is directly involved in the construction of Free Energy energy production plants deriving from Entropic Machinery technology,
magnetic motor, gravitational motor.

Sinergy International in partnership with national electricity companies and bodies develops the plant construction and
installation program from a small nominal power from 20 KW / H to 2 Mwh and for powers from 50 Kwh up to 10 Mwh for direct use in industrial areas.
urban and rural, for all fields of application.

The current situation in Sub-Saharan Africa
– 77% of the African population does not have access to electricity.
– 80% of the African population uses wood as the main source of domestic energy, which is harmful to the environment and totally ineffective for the economy.
– the sub-Saharan part of the continent consumes 100 kg of oil per inhabitant / year against 8,000 kg for an American. This figure is related to energy consumption
on the one hand, it reflects the low level of development, on the other, the enormous potential.
(Source WorldBank)

Investing in Renewables – Sub-Saharan Africa Many countries in the region have reformed their systems to encourage international investment
-The Norwegian company REC Solar, a major producer of panels, has invested in the creation of regional hubs to contribute to the development of solar power plants for 100 GW
by 2030
– The French group Eranove will build a hydroelectric dam in Kenié, Mali *
– The German company PSG Solar has moved to Cameroon to develop solar energy *

Sinergy International is present on international markets by virtue of partnership agreements with:

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